Slingerland Radio King, White Marine Pearl
6.5 x 14

Beautiful and all original 1-ply 6.5 x 14 snaredrum from Slingerland, simply the best. The nickle and the White Marine Pearl look almost new, in fact this drum looks just new. This is a 50 year old drum that has not been played much and surfaced recently, if you look close you can see it is not a new drum. It is an understatement to say this shell doesn't choke. The one-ply shell makes this a vintage snaredrum that still can cut any new snaredrum, in my ears. This model is called the Buddy Rich Artist Radio King in 1941, no brackets, double row of lugs, radioking strainer, muffler, stickchoppers and 1-ply maple shell. That's how he liked them. Very sensitive and powerful! And very collectable today.



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