1974 Ludwig Super Classic
'Lefty' Railconsolette

White Marine Pearl, Blue/Olive badge drumset. Has the rail mounted for left-hand set up. The finish yellowed over time and is creamy white. No big scratches or any damage. Clean and all original, no defects or alterations, modifications. Wrap is tight. Everything works, complete 3 piece set. Supraphonics available. They sound great, and big.

14 x 22
bassdrum has the curved spurs.
Note: the railconsolette is mounted on the right side for left hand mirror set-up drumming.

8 x 12
included: free RIMS mount.

16 x 16
Legs have rubber tip.

This would be great for a left hand set up drummer!

Included is a FREE 12 inch RIMS mount, no extra charge, just ask for it.

The drums sound big. We have Ambassadors Vintage on the toms, clear bottom, and these drums have a long decay, a big sound. Shells have the speckled grey interior. Take a look at the pictures. Ready to play.

This set would do great in a studio or on stage.





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