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Craviotto drumset


Craviotto drumsets are made of beautiful solid one ply maple drum shells, in California, USA. Using a combination of hand-selected hardwoods and hand-crafted construction methods, Craviotto Solid Wood Drumshells begin as single, hand-selected planks of wood that are precision cut, steam-bent and painstakingly transformed into fine musical instruments. See the website
This set is dated Dec 28 2009 and was used on our Craviotto demo-night.

Tomtom 10x7,5 incl. rims
Tomtom 12x8 incl. rims
Floortom 16x15 incl. legs
Bassdrum 22x18 incl. spurs


We can order any set you like. Orders for a new Craviotto drumset will take up to 3 months before delivery. Email for orders or any questions.

This set is sold.

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