1960 Slingerland drumset

Bassdrum 14 x 22
Tomtom 9 x 13
Floortom 16 x 16
Snaredrum 1ply maple 5.5 x 14 Radio King
Color: Black Diamond Pearl

Bassdrum has an extra cymbalholder and the factory Ray McKinley bassdrum muffler. New heads apart from the Slingerland calfskin bassdrum front head. The drums sing deep, they love a large range of tension, from deep low to tight high. The snaredrum has a beautiful 1 ply maple shell and sounds amazing which proofs again Radio King's are the best snaredrums ever. The bassdrum has the Chicago badge, the snaredrum a pre-serial Niles badge, no badges on the toms (of course). Bass and 13 tom have mahogany interior, floortom maple interior. It looks like a matching set, but bass & tom are 1 or 2 years older. This set was used in the sixties by a famous Rockford, Il drummer, I can't remember his name, but it wasn't Bun E Carlos nor Randy Rainwater! Great, clean set!




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