1966 Slingerland 4 piece Stageband Model

White Marine Pearl

This is the mintest 4 piece Slingerland Stageband I have ever seen. The single lug 'student model' Stage Band features a single lug, saving parts and money, and also weight. Today these sets are much appreciated because of the thin maple 3-ply shells and their very resonating vintage sound. This example is in as new condition, absolutely lovely chrome and finish, all original condition. Vintage 1966.

snaredrum 5.5 x 14
bassdrum 14 x 20
tomtom 9 x 13
floortom 14 x 14


There is some rust on the legs, otherwise mint!

In this 1968 catalog the Stage Band 74N features a 12 x 15 floortom although the text says outfit includes 14 x 14 separate tension tomtom with legs, same as this set.


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