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1966 Slingerland 4-piece drum set

BD 14 x 20
TT 9x 13
FT 16 x 16
SD 5.5 x 14

Black/Brass Niles badge, matching ser. nrs.

Finish: the original white satin flame with lots of scratches and spiderwebcracks common for these finishes. Everything is firmly attached to the shells and works fine as is.

Chrome: very little pitting, some scratches and wear, clean no rust, could be cleaned up better.

Hardware: missing tomtom mufflers, missing wingscrew for cymbal arm holder on bassdrum. Floortomlegholders and bassdrum spurholders rethreaded for oversized wingnuts. These are not original but do the job. Hoops are chrome over brass. Bassdrum hoops look great. Complete and working consolette.

Shells: 3ply with re-rings all maple, stamped SEP 1966.

Snaredrum: Hollywood Ace model with Zoomatic strainer, nice maple 3ply shell, COB hoops, small knob muffler.





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