1966 Gene Krupa DeLuxe Outfit No. 1N

Red Sparkle Glass Glitter 4 piece


Beautiful Red Sparkle Slingerland set from 1966. Bassdrum 14x20, tomtom 9x13 and floortom 16x16 and 5.5 x 14 Radio King snare, all 3-ply maple with maple reinforcement hoops. All original and beautiful condition. The toms have that fullbodied warm and cool vintage Slingerland sound. Clean set.
The bassdrumhoops are repainted black and have new red glass glitter inlays, and one is reglued. All the other rims are chrome over brass, wrap is like new as is the chrome, and all original 'till the last washer! Also included is a (new) matching red sparkle canister throne that can hold hardware inside. Included are all the legs, spurs, tomholder and bassdrummounted cymbal arm.


Some little scratches

maple reinforcement hoops, maple inside, 3ply shells, red sparkle

Repainted bassdrumhoops


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