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1960 Slingerland set 22,13,16 and 5.5 x 14

Silver Sparkle

Here's a very nice all original Slingerland set with very clean chrome and a beautiful siver sparkle. It still has the original heads, only the snaredrum head is a newer coated Ambassador. The brass/black badges say Chicago USA. The snaredrum has the Super strainer aka Clamshell strainer and a 3-ply shell. The floortom has push button legs, original cymbalarm on bassdrum, nice railconsolette and disappearing spurs. The floortom is maple inside and stamped 1964 so probably a later add-on, all other shells are mahogany inside with a OCT 1960 stamp. This set is all original every tension rod, washer etc. Included are the original 3 canvas covers and a nice vintage case for the snaredrum. This is a very well kept set, very low milage.





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