1970 LUDWIG "Super Classic"

White Marine Pearl

Bassdrum 14 x 22
Tomtom 9 x 13
Floortom 16 x 16

1970 Ludwig Super Classic in very good condition. No extra holes, chrome is clean, minimal pitting. The finsh is tight and almost no fading. These were the first Blue/Olive badges without the serial numbers, all the shell date stamps are the same June 16 1970, and clear maple inside. Shells are round, clean and no seperation of reinforcement hoops. These are 3ply shells, maple/popular/maple. The railconsolette has a non-original bolt and nut but works great with included wrench. The sound is, even with the original old heads very open en booming. I guess, if you read this, you'll probably know what they should sound like and this one does.



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