1950-60s Gretsch "Bop" Outfit 22,13,16 + SD


Including the 6.5 x 14 FloorShow model snaredrum and 22 BD. This is from the early fifties, the shells are 3ply and not painted grey but blank inside. The bassdrum has the early bowtie T-handles, and the cymbalmount on top. On the railconsollette hangs the small tom with stickchoppers. The snaredrum is one of the most collectible snaredrums, the 6.5 deep makes a Gretsch snare sound great. Stickchoppers, Microsensitive strainer, One piece butt end. All original. The floortom is probably bought in the sixties to complete this outfit. 6-ply, diecasthoops, grey interior with label. From the outside it's very good matching, allthough the FT wrap is from a newer batch. You won't notice if you're not looking for it. The BD has the original calfsheads they came with, FT too, but not mounted. Aquarian Vintage heads are mounted on toms and snare. This set really sings, and the deep snaredrum sounds great. Unbelievable, The set is clean, all you got to do is play and have fun.

Here you see the color difference, the FT is less darkened over the time. The other drums are born together. Still a close family. See Included are the sixties canvas covers for bass and toms, good condition. Sold (fast!)



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